About the Digital Tachograph System

Tachograph device is a recording device that is planned to be assembled to the vehicles involved in road transport to display and record the details of the vehicle's movements and drivers' driving periods automatically or semi automatically.

Tachograph device,

  • Supervises the driving period.
  • Supervises speed of the vehicle.
  • Supervises usage of the vehicle within legal limits specified by the laws.
  • Keeps in memory the records that are supervised.
  • Reports the records in its memory as a graphic or written document.

    Since 1 May 2006, instead of the mechanical and electromechanical tachograph devices, usage of the digital tachograph devices became obligatory for the new vehicles which are engaged in road transport in EU member countries as per EU's applicable legislation.

    With the implementation of digital tachograph, it is intended to enhance security of the roads by acquiring more and reliable information about the behavior and activities of professional drivers.