As per protocol that is signed by the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Directorate General of Land Transportation and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Center For Research and Practice of Digital Tachograph (STAUM) formed within TOBB is responsible for production and delivery of the driver cards or other related cards (service card, company card and audit card) that are used in tachograph devices used in international road transport vehicles in Turkey.

"'Regulatıon Concernıng The Work Of Crews Of Vehıcles Engaged In Internatıonal Road Transport' '' which is prepared to ensure the fulfillment of the obligation to comply with traffic safety and driving precision during the course of the road vehicles by installing tachograph device, that records information automatically about the road transport vehicles such as speed of the vehicle and the distance covered by the vehicle into vehicle is published in the official gazette dated 21.05.2010 and numbered 27587.

With this regulation and Turkey Digital Tachograph system which is put into practice in 2010, usage of the tachograph card become compulsory in international transport of the vehicles which is used to carry load and have gross weight 3.5 tons with trailer or semitrailer and the vehicles which is used to transport passenger and able to carry more than nine people including driver.

The digital tachograph card which is generated in STAUM has a twist drawing and dissolved yarn printing ground safety design that is sensitive to counterfeit and defacement. The digital tachograph cards is generated from polycarbonate which is qualified to record data and shatter-resistant by receiving approval from Joint Research Center (JRC) that is appointed by Commission of European Union and settled in Italy and T.R. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.